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History of Estate House and Property

In 1904 railroad magnate John P. McRoy commissioned the New York architect Clarence Curter to design our twenty-room estate house

The property was an operational dairy farm supporting a herd of 50 Holstein cows

In 1920, the property was donated to The Hudson Guild, a charitable organization who ran the property as a camp.

On July 10th 1921, creation of the Appalachian Trail was conceived in our estate house, at a meeting, which included the visionaries:

Benton MacKaye, the Massachusetts forester and regional planner, who envisioned and campaigned for the Appalachian Trail. "He recognized that, the ability to cope with nature  directly - unshielded by the weakening wall of civilization - is one of the admitted needs of modern times".

Clarence S. Stein, the visionary behind the planned community in Radburn, New Jersey was heralded as "one of the most progressive and controversial American architects and planners of the twentieth century". Stein's admirers placed him in the company of such giants as Lewis Mumford and Benton MacKaye. He championed radical community planning, finding inspiration in his studies in Paris as well as the Garden City movement in Great Britain. His city planning ideas transformed communities in both the United States and Europe.

Charles Whitaker, the editor of the journal of The American Institute of Architects, and founder of The Committee on Community Planning.

The Hudson Farm Club now operates as a private year round outdoor experience for its members as one of the most attractive shooting layouts in the country since 1997..  The Farm consists of 3,800 acres of beautifully landscaped farmland in Andover, New Jersey with several ponds and lakes.